Fearing the internship process

So, I began my schooling at ACU as an elementary education major until my sophomore year. Because of this, I did not become aware of any department policies until after I was a member of the department. One policy is that all students must have an internship before graduating.

As a junior who hasn’t started this process yet, I am terrified. I have fears of not having the ability to find an internship in my desired field, or not having the qualities that companies look for.

Students are required to take a short internship course before they start the process, a class I was told to wait a semester on.  I’m hoping this course will relieve my fears, but time is still an issue for me. What if I don’t apply in time and all the internships are no longer available?

I’m also slightly embarrassed to admit that I have a legitimate fear of staying at ACU for 6 years because I never find an internship. I know this is absolutely idiotic, and probably not very likely, but I just can’t help it. I love ACU. But do I necessarily want to be here forever as an undergraduate student? No, no I do not.

Also, what if I do get an internship, but go a completely different way in the future? Perhaps I work as an intern for a newspaper, but after graduation I decide that I’m more interested in magazine design or video work?

Will I be able to find a job if my internship doesn’t apply?

Either way, I am beginning to search for a place to intern, and although I am fearful, I look forward to the new experiences I will have, as I look for internships and once I am there!Looking for an internship


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