Social Media Buzzing with Publicity

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Social network ad spending is expected to hit $23.68 billion worldwide this year. This is a 33.5% increase from last year. By 2017, social media advertising will reach $35.98 billion. This is 16.0% of all digital ads spending globally.

Paid Advertising on Free Apps

Advertisers should be allowed to tell us paid advertising on social media is marketing because Internet ads have surpassed newspaper advertising, among with many other. Most ads are coming from mobile apps such as Twitter, or Facebook. Facebook generated 66% while Twitter on the other hand produced 85% of its’s sales from mobile advertising in the same quarter, equaling $320 million.

This proves that promoting via social media is a real trend worldwide. It leads sales and marketing subdivisions. There is a constant increase in social advertising, and the amount spent in the marketing departments has shown that. Why not take advantage?

Growing Your Business

Hootsuite’s CEO Ryan Holmes put together six ways to use social media ads to grow your business. The tips consisted of:

  1. Use free social media to beta-test your paid social ads
  2. Take advantage of targeting features
  3. Rotate ads frequently
  4. Use small samples to A/B test your social ads
  5. Understand how ads are sold
  6. Design your ads with smartphones in mind

So not only do the free apps gain money by companies investing ads or sponsorship, but it also benefits the companies business as well. It’s a mutual relationship because companies are aimed at the target audience, while the free app is gaining profit.


Benefits within the Hash Tag trend

Hashtags have completely taken over this century’s social media as a tool that can be used in many different ways: weddings, political movements, searching interests and advertising.

The main point of hash-tagging a word is to emphasize the point, and make it easy for readers to search others that have posted on that subject. It has been a must have recently for any big-time social event to have a hashtag that people can either follow to see live tweets if they weren’t present or to later view pictures from that event. There is a website dedicated to create the best hash tag for your wedding, another huge hashtag trend.

Companies are benefiting  from this new trend because it is easier to track their customers and reach their target market. Campaigns for new products with hashtags and prompting costumers to use them on social media for prizes, as simple as a re-tweet or re-posting of their picture are also a way companies can connect with costumers through hashtags.

Just this past week Burger King took over social media with the #HalloweenBurger  they made their burger buns black for the month of October for Halloween. This is an example of promoting a fun and different product and how hash tags were used to see who was trying it and what the final opinions were.

Organizing social media posts are made easier with the use of hashtags. In the article called #hashtags rule on social media by Fiona Powell it describes hash tags as “how we organize and categorize on social media and how we search and discover things of interest…searching a hashtag allows us to drill down into a specific niche subjects, categories and keywords.”

Knowing how to use hashtags can greatly benefit us in the ad/PR world through promoting products and seeing peoples feedback toward products.

Nike Sells Confidence and Strength—And Also Shoes

Nike Ad Campaigns

Nike doesn’t just sell shoes. Nike sells courage and success. Nike is known for producing campaigns that empower viewers to strap on a pair of Nike sneaks, go outside, and take on the world.

The One that Started It All

In 1988, Nike launched the first Just Do It campaign, setting the stage for the company’s modern-day brand. The campaign features 70-year-old Walt Stack running a stretch of his daily 17-mile run in a pair of white Nike Airs. From this commercial onward, Nike’s ad campaigns have held a similar strain of confidence and inspiration first reflected in Walt Stack’s rhythmic steps.

Taking a Stand

A few years later in 1995, Nike took a stand against gender inequality in school sports with its If You Let Me Play Sports campaign. Nike’s campaign urges viewers to support the Title IX legislation enforcing gender equality in federally funded educational programs using its signature tone of courage and determination. Nike’s campaign was paramount in stimulating active support for the Title IX legislation and shifting national opinion about female participation in sports programs.

Empowering Everyone

In 2012, Nike launched the Find Your Greatness campaign to coincide with the London Winter Olympics. Arguably, the most famous ad in the campaign was a TV spot featuring an overweight middle-schooler, slowly running uphill to the calm voice of a narrator. In contrast with the super-athletes competing in the Olympics, “Find Your Greatness” emphasizes the common greatness lying dormant within everyone, if only he or she works for it.

Nike’s Latest

Nike’s latest campaign entitled “Better for It”, smartly speaks to the oft diminished psyche of girls and women. In a series of print ads, TV spots, and long form videos, the campaign gives funny-but-true insights into the thoughts women have while working out. Nike’s witty portrayal of women at the gym validates women’s apprehensions about exercise while still encouraging them to keep working towards their goals.

From 1988 to 2015, Nike has been enabling everyone—old and young, boys and girls—to find success within themselves, and of course with a pair of Nikes on their feet.

American race relations

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In a poll run by NBC News, over fifty percent of our nation believes that race relations in the US are currently bad, “…the most pessimistic assessment of racial issues in almost two decades. In the past twenty years, race relations have been a major topic of discussion in the United States.”

An issue that has been ever present in our country has bubbled to the surface yet again – but this time, stronger than ever. President Obama sites this negative growth in an NPR interview as instead a heightened awareness of the issue. As more and more people begin to discuss race relations, more begin to believe in its importance.

Perspectives of race relations

As we make strides towards realizing the importance of race relations, we must first understand is that each race views race relations differently. In a US News poll, blacks consistently felt different than whites regarding race relations. While whites appeared hopeful that race relations are improving, blacks perspective on race relations actually showed the opposite.

Attitudes by percentage

When discussing attitudes towards race relations, whites showed a percentage ranging from 6-34% percent higher than blacks. The biggest difference: job opportunities, the second, housing and the third, education.

Finding common ground

As our country makes moves towards better race relations, I believe we need to begin to understand the perspective of the other race. If we continue to have such different perspectives, we will only continually go in circles regarding the issue. We will not be able to reach common ground in regards to race relations if we cannot first begin to understand race relations in a like manner.

Understanding ‘the other’

As a person of both black and white races, I will be the first to say race relations ARE an issue. Not only is this something I see in my life on a macro scale, but also on a micro scale within my family. Neither side, black or white, understands the other. And it often seems that neither side wants to. If we can never reach a common ground on the belief that each and every person deserves equal treatment than race relations will continue to be a major issue.

What will you do to make race relations better?

Web Advertisings Flood User Pages

Advertising these days has changed quite a bit. Now days, we are bombarded with advertisements almost every minute of the day. We hear advertisements on the radio, as we are driving along the highway, anytime we get on the internet, about every fifteen minutes on TV, and in magazines everywhere.

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Web Advertising

Different advertising techniques are designed to grab your attention. On the web we see many common ad techniques daily, such as:


  • Web banner advertisements,
  • Bandwagon advertising,
  • Promotional advertising,
  • Testimonial and endorsement advertising,
  • Contextual advertising.


Let Me Explain

Web banners are ads that are placed usually at the top or bottom of the webpage. If you click on the banner ad, a link will take you to the advertisers website. With bandwagon advertising, the company is attempting to sway you to consume their product by portraying that the product is popular among a group. Often times, if an individual believes that a product is wanted by many then it must be a good product.


Promotional advertising involves either promotional give-away items and/or promotional media events, which help get public attention. Testimonial and endorsement advertising is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. People give testimonies as to why they love the product (think Proactive, weight-loss pills/meal ads, and late-night infomercials), or they use a celebrity to endorse the product. Contextual advertising is a system that is used to target specific users; ads pop up depending on that users previous searches or highly frequented webpages.


Ignoring What is Right In Front of Us

We see these advertisements just about everywhere, but over time our minds have learned to overlook them. We have become desensitized to them. It is as though the more ads we see, the less attention we pay to them individually.

Abilene Finds Hope

Abilene seems to be that perfect place where people go to school, find their future spouse, and most likely attend one of the many local Churches of Christ. The average college student can be blinded to the harsh realities that exist all around them. Abilene is much more than simply a college town. Many apartment complexes and communities in the area have extremely high crime rates. Thankfully, there are many local nonprofits in town that are trying to battle these statistics and make Abilene a better place.

College students do care

However, not all college students are avoiding the world around them. Many college students are a huge help to nonprofits and are a vital part of making the community a safer one. The following are a few of the nonprofits that are flooded with college students:

  • REACH Apartment Ministry
  • World’s Backyard
  • YMCA
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • Meals on Wheels

Abilene reaches out

Some ways that these organizations are helping shape Abilene into a truly family friendly place is through Healthy Kids Days and providing homes for the large population of homeless people.Because of the large amount of churches, many homeless people flood to Abilene in search of shelter. It is too much for just the churches to deal with everyday. Without the many nonprofits, homeless people would have nowhere to go.


People return what they once received

People are starting to see how beneficial nonprofits are to the community around them. Many people have been brought out of an extremely dark place because of the comfort they found in Abilene. People who once participated in these programs are now giving back. This demonstrates the full circle that occurs when one puts in time with one of these nonprofits.

Abilene sees the difference

It has taken some time, but the city of Abilene has finally realized the importance of having nonprofits. A few select nonprofits are starting to give tax cuts to help with the high-energy bills. Small steps like this one are a fundamental part of making Abilene that perfect oasis that many people think it is.

Social Media in an Advertising World

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A few years ago, our world was social media-less. Today, it is hard to think about a world without social media.  We focus our lives around social media and have some kind of contact with it every day.  As an ad/ PR major at ACU, I have learned how crucial having an understanding of social media can be.

Today most people spend their time online. In fact, Pew Research has found that “74% of adults that are online are using social media.” For working professionals, social media is a way to tell a story, advertise and communicate with your consumers.

Between Ad week and the Working Media Group they have named the top contenders for social media portals that professionals need:   

  • Twitter/ Vine
  • Linked In
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • You Tube
  • Google+
  • Snapchat
  • Tumbler
  • WhatsApp
  • Reddit
  • Flicker

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” -Seth Godin

Marketing Land says , social media is the best way to find potential clients. “Social networks are a good option for advertisers because of the advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking, and prevalence on mobile devices. Mobile users are already checking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Pinterest multiple times a day, so advertising to them while they’re within those apps is the best way to reach them without being disruptive.”

Long story short social media has become the 21st century advertising . “Consumers media habits have become a mashup of devices, platforms and content. Use this as an advantage to plan and execute programs that work across channels.”