Makayla Hooker, Marketing major PR minor attends Abilene Christian University

I have had two internships, one with indirect marketing and one with direct marketing. The first one I did business to business sales for a sports and entertainment marketing company that worked for Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, and other Dallas sport teams. I then went on to work for Diversity in Promotions, which is a smaller marketing firm that helps minority companies grow and gain capital. Upon graduation I wish to pursue a career on the Events side of Sports & Entertainment Marketing. Some of my personal strengths include: excel, working with others, and videography.

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I am Madison Goldston, and I attend Abilene Christian University as a sophomore. I am an Advertising/ Public Relations major, with a minor in Marketing. I am currently an assistant at the student run Ad/PR agency Morris and Mitchell. Last summer, I worked at Indeco Sales, a company that sells school furniture. I was in charge of ordering catalogs, updating the company’s social media, and creating a new catalog for the company. When I graduate, I intend to pursue a career in advertising as a copy writer. I am a skilled, creative writer and am confident in combining creativity through various mediums and ways to connect with customers and audiences.

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Work Samples: Print Campaign for Marketing class. Product was a Ferrari SUV. Facebook post for Indeco Sales.