For most people, walking into a radio station can be a somewhat daunting task. Just knowing that with one click of a button you can be on air to all listeners can cause hearts to race faster. As a KACU announcer for a little over a year now, I can say that feeling is almost always there. The day as a radio announcer is one of the most thrilling, yet satisfying jobs the JMC Department offers.

Walking into KACU, you’ll notice Caleb Robinson immediately. He greets everyone with a smile and always has a few jokes to make. As you continue to your booth, you’ll see Meagan Freeman as always typing away on her keyboard. She’ll look up and flash her bright smile as you walk into the announcing booth. I always keep my room lit with only the dim lights. It gives it that relaxed mode. I want my listeners to feel like this is their one on one time with me.

Our equipment may not be the newest or the most high tech, but it gets the job done. I log into the system and pull up my logs for the three to six shift. As I write my script for my first break, I can’t help but get excited. Once I put my headphones on, adjust my microphone, and click on the “ON AIR” button I immediately feel at home. Throughout my entire shift I can’t help but feel like this is what I was meant to do.

The JMC Department has so many different opportunities available for their students it’s almost ridiculous. I mean how many schools can say they have an on campus radio station for JMC majors, with real world experience, that can start off at any grade level? Not many. My day as an announcer at KACU has made this next step in my journey one to remember.


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