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I am Madison Goldston, and I attend Abilene Christian University as a sophomore. I am an Advertising/ Public Relations major, with a minor in Marketing. I am currently an assistant at the student run Ad/PR agency Morris and Mitchell. Last summer, I worked at Indeco Sales, a company that sells school furniture. I was in charge of ordering catalogs, updating the company’s social media, and creating a new catalog for the company. When I graduate, I intend to pursue a career in advertising as a copy writer. I am a skilled, creative writer and am confident in combining creativity through various mediums and ways to connect with customers and audiences.

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Work Samples: Print Campaign for Marketing class. Product was a Ferrari SUV. Facebook post for Indeco Sales.


The “Skip” button on YouTube impacts ads

Here’s the verdict: people are guilty of hitting the skip button on the corner of the screen when an advertisement pops up on YouTube. 80-85% of skippable ads online are bypassed, so the majority of them go unseen. This affects the ad agencies who put the ads together, and YouTube who allows them to show on their videos. Sophomore Chloe Fifer says she never watches the ads and automatically skips them. “If I’m watching a video, it’s for a reason,” Fifer says. “I don’t have time to sit through an advertisement.”

The creation of an “Unskippable” ad

Ad agencies spend time and money creating an ad campaign. The advertising agency Nail attempts to create an unskippable ad that influences viewers not to overlook their ad while watching YouTube. It is frustrating for their work to be overlooked, so they try to prevent it. The Global Media Group also provides advice on how to prevent ads being skipped. They suggest using the following to keep viewers interested in the ad:

  • Appealing audio
  • Contextual targeting
  • Annotations

In addition to the work agencies put into creating the ads, they also have to figure out how to keep people from bypassing their work.

YouTube’s benefit

The average price of a “cost-per-view” ad ranges between $.10 – $.30. Because YouTube streams over 2 billion videos per day, advertisers are willing to pay for that viewership. However, YouTube rakes in most of the profit. Whether viewers skip the ads or not, YouTube still gets the money for showing the ad.

The future of online ads on YouTube

Online ads aren’t disappearing anytime soon. Online video is the fastest growing ad category because of the audience size. Advertisers want to reach audiences who, on average, intake 68 YouTube videos per month. Nevertheless, the solution to viewers skipping ads can never be completely solved. Advertisers will have to continue to find creative ways to grab the audience’s attention before they can hit the skip button.

Reporting builds real world skills

Reporting for TV, print, and online media requires courage. JMC students who are passionate about reporting learn communication skills that shape them into bold and fearless individuals. They become vulnerable; moreover,blog 4 pix reporters must step out of their shells to find out information and share it with others. When ACU students form these skills, they become persistent and confident in all areas of the workforce.

ACU offers reporting opportunities by offering the following:

  • Sports reporting
  • News reporting
  • Various broadcasts

Hands-on experience

Students learn how to speak in front of the camera and interact with subjects. In addition, they write the material that they recite. Juggling different forms of communication skills teaches students how to operate in the journalism world; moreover, it prepares students for interactions with various kinds of people, and to fight for their goals.

Sophomore close up

Jonathan Raitz, a sophomore journalism major, is a sports reporter at the JMC network for Optimist sports. This experience has taught him to get out of his comfort zone, and to appeal to different audiences. Reporting equips him to communicate with people clearly. In addition, it requires him to be timely, professional, and independent. Raitz added that the broadness of reporting also increases knowledge about various topics outside of sports and ACU events. He is able to relate and converse on many topics, which is an asset in the communication world.

Reporters steal the show

Reporters are required to accomplish a multitude of straining tasks. However, the skills reporters learn on the job shapes them into developed, sophisticated, bold, and versatile workers that can thrive in any environment. They are able to:

  • Relay news efficiently
  • Solve problems quickly
  • Take action
  • Multi task
  • Interact with multiple people in a respectable manner

Reporting prepares individuals for the workforce and the world.

Creativity draws students to a JMC degree

JMC majors are born with an edge. Various skills such as writing, reporting, reading and communication develop during their education, but creativity is naturally inscribed in their genes. The ability to communicate efficiently while providing creative insight is what sets JMC majors apart from the rest of the population. The levels of creative use varies within JMC majors. However, each requires out of the box thinking to engage an audience.

A pull towards Ad/PR

Rachel Runnels, a sophomore Ad/PR major, says the creative aspect of the JMC department played a “major role” in deciding her degree path. Originally, Runnels planned to major in public speaking. However, she found that Ad/PR offered career opportunities that better aligned with her passions. Runnels wants to go into event planning and pursue a job where her originality is an asset. Her creative abilities lie in her capacity to come up with artistic ideas and innovative ways to solve problems. The JMC Department allows students to exercise creative traits by offering the following opportunities:

  • Working at Morris + Mitchell
  • Organizing events such as the Red Thread Fashion Showblog3pic
  • Participating in on-air broadcasts
  • Writing for the Optimist
  • Photography and videography

Creativity: a hidden gem in the workforce

Companies and agencies alike need creative minded people to help their organizations stay competitive and innovative. People with the ability to consistently think of original ideas are rare; moreover, they are crucial to keep an audience. The JMC majors offered at ACU allows creative minded individuals find their niche and thrive in a job that utilizes unique ways of thinking. The role creativity plays in a JMC degree varies from degree, but all have the element of innovative thinking that can reach audiences around the world.

Morris + Mitchell client relations through the eyes of an assistant

Last semester, I applied to be an assistant for Morris and Mitchell, a student run Ad/PR agency at ACU. As an advertising major, I wanted to dive into hands-on experience as soon as possible. I am a sophomore, and M+M typically only hires juniors and seniors to be a part of the team. However, since it was simply an assistant position, sophomores were acceptable.

 Expblog3panding Experience

I have only been working at M+M for five weeks, but I have gained a surplus of insight and experience in all sides of advertising, specifically in client relationships.

M+M is currently working on 6 projects:

  • Adobe for ACU students
  • ACU Career Center
  • Miss Frontier Texas Pageant
  • Gutenberg event for JMC Alumni and students
  • Science Center
  • M+M Rebranding

M+M Interaction with Clients

Each project has clients that directly meet, call, and email the account directors. The account directors schedule meetings and have to interact professionally with the clients. They pitch their ideas, plans, and budgets. Constant communication is carried out throughout the entire process of their projects. The directors receive approval, advice, and feedback from the clients, who are established adults in the workforce.

 My Observations

I take attendance, buy snacks, track minutes, clean the agency, and run any errands needed. Therefore, the majority of my time is spent absorbing every inch of information I can from the other members. They discuss ideas, plans, and their interactions with clients. They carefully word emails, craft intricate proposals, and professionally present their ideas to clients in scheduled meetings. I have learned how to approach and interact with clients in a warm, professional way, and be willing to work for their goals.

Popular support fields for JMC Majors


  JMC majors often choose business related support fields for their degrees. Marketing and Management are the most popular choices for business minors in the JMC department.

Student Spotlight

Sophomore Ben Johnston, an Advertising/Public Relations major, chose marketing as his minor because it will open up more job opportunities for him in the advertising and business world. Marketing and advertising share similar goals such as profit, customer satisfaction, sales, awareness, brand recognition, and reaching an audience for a specific purpose. Originally, Johnston assumed advertising was included inside of the business school. He discovered advertising had its own degree in the JMC Department, and is accompanying it with marketing so that he can sift through multiple options in the workforce. He has a passion for advertising, but admires the business side of marketing. Combining these two areas deepen Johnston’s understanding of customers and how to most efficiently reach them.

Mixing Marketing and Advertisingblog pic #1 retake

The use of the following marketing techniques enhance advertising:

  • Research
  • Segmenting a target audience
  • Packaging
  • Positioning
  • Product placement

Multi-Dimensional Workers in the Making

Employers want to hire people who are versatile. Being in touch with the JMC and business environment shapes students into multi-dimensional workers. The application skills they learn differ from students who never stray from their major department. Advertising and marketing blend in multiple ways; becoming functioning in both opens up job opportunities and expands knowledge in the communication field. JMC students select business support fields because they mesh well with Ad/PR, create various job options, boost promotions, and add overall expertise.

Source: Ben Johnston;

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