Benefits within the Hash Tag trend

Hashtags have completely taken over this century’s social media as a tool that can be used in many different ways: weddings, political movements, searching interests and advertising.

The main point of hash-tagging a word is to emphasize the point, and make it easy for readers to search others that have posted on that subject. It has been a must have recently for any big-time social event to have a hashtag that people can either follow to see live tweets if they weren’t present or to later view pictures from that event. There is a website dedicated to create the best hash tag for your wedding, another huge hashtag trend.

Companies are benefiting  from this new trend because it is easier to track their customers and reach their target market. Campaigns for new products with hashtags and prompting costumers to use them on social media for prizes, as simple as a re-tweet or re-posting of their picture are also a way companies can connect with costumers through hashtags.

Just this past week Burger King took over social media with the #HalloweenBurger  they made their burger buns black for the month of October for Halloween. This is an example of promoting a fun and different product and how hash tags were used to see who was trying it and what the final opinions were.

Organizing social media posts are made easier with the use of hashtags. In the article called #hashtags rule on social media by Fiona Powell it describes hash tags as “how we organize and categorize on social media and how we search and discover things of interest…searching a hashtag allows us to drill down into a specific niche subjects, categories and keywords.”

Knowing how to use hashtags can greatly benefit us in the ad/PR world through promoting products and seeing peoples feedback toward products.


Behind the scenes of the new fresh food on wheels

This year’s freshman class has been the largest it’s been for 25 years, and we needed to find an alternative to feeding the big group, beyond the world famous beans capacity. That’s where the new 1881 food truck came into play.

Designed by Nil Santana, Director of the MakerLAb with the help of students put together this project. Deciding that not only the over whelming amount of freshman but also the need to bring healthy food options to the urban areas was the need that was in need to be met. One of the students behind coming up with design ideas was Christina Williams an ad/PR graduate.

“Social media was instrumental for us when launching our truck. We started by doing soft openings with groups and used these groups to promote us before our first official launch date. By the time we opened to the public anticipation has already been created,” Williams said.

The main Idea by Santana was to bring ACU and the Abilene community fresh ingredients for a low price. Santana said the goal for this fall is design, ideation, and prototyping, capped by the implementation of their designs. The spring semester will be devoted “to immersive contact with the community,” Santana said.

Being a senior and about to head into the world of event planning and advertising Williams took this opportunity and was able to get creative with fellow classmates. Creating this truck they had this 1881 idea because of the railroads in Abilene and how they impacted the city greatly in new transportations for goods and people. Williams said her and the team wanted to do this modern take on it.

The truck is clean black with green and white lettering with the slogan “engineering good eats”

Through looking over the 1881 twitter page  it states “ 1881 is a mobile eatery whose fare is a fusion of history and modern cuisine.”

You can find the truck in these locations at different times that are listed on their Tweeter and Facebook pages daily:

  • ACU located by GATA fountain
  • The Mill
  • Frontier Texas
  • Neon Patriot
  • D1 Elite physical therapy

Frontier Texas bringing new event to Abilene Community

Being a part of Mitchell & Morris is an opportunity to dive into the advertising world as well as the Abilene community through a student ran advertising agency.One of our biggest clients is Frontier Texas, and this year we are helping them advertise and plan for their new film fest for historical documentaries created by people in Abilene and worldwide.

Jeff Salmon CEO of Frontier Texas is exited for his new event. “It really will give the documentary film creators a chance to have their own film competition to set them apart from the movie industry” Salmon said meeting with us to go over more ideas for the event.

Stephanie Revels a fellow team member on this project “ This event is a chance for us to learn to advertise for the baby boomer generation and our own millennial generation.”

Revels along with the rest of our group is very exited to put together fliers, social media posts, and commercials along with many other advertising ideas prepared to get people to attend this event and promote Frontier Texas.

Frontier Texas film fest will also bring lots of culture to the Abilene community because it’s a nationwide contest and that also means our group will really have to broaden our horizons to reach this national audience.

“Classic black and white a simplistic, classic film strips hanging, and old photos is what we are going for in the theme,” said Revels.

Behind the scenes of planning and promoting for this event the team has really been challenged to think out side the box on how to reach a audience that wants to attend as well as people that want to participate in the film fest with submitting their documentaries. This film fest will be on March 3, 2016 – 5, 2016 at Paramount theater time is to be announced on a later date.

Following up with JMC alumni Andrew Cramer

                Andrew Cramer, Client Operations Manager at Switchplace is an advertising student alumni who graduated in 2012. Interview with Mr. Cramer on his current work and also on him being one of the first students to work on Morris & Mitchell advertising agency here at ACU. Giving us an insight on how working in an agency before graduating has helped him with his current job, and also what his job is, and what part he plays with in the company.

How did working for Morris & Mitchell help you when getting into the professional world? 

“During my time at Morris and Mitchell, I was the team leader of the group that came up with Frontier, I was responsible for the fundraising for the first year. I would cold call on many well-known businesses in the area, seeking sponsorship money for    the competition. Giving me the opportunity to get face time with potential.”

What is your job currently?

“I am currently Client Operations Manager at Switchplace Corporate Housing. Switchplace is a corporate housing company located in Dallas, Texas. Corporate housing companies lease apartments and furnish these apartments worldwide for business people relocating with their current job.”

Tell me what it is about your current job that you love the most? 

“I love being able to leave the office everyday, knowing that my team or I Have provided our guests with the very best in customer service.”

How is it working in a big time corporate housing firm in Dallas?

“Corporate Housing is just a small piece in the very stressful relocation process that so many business people experience. It is my job to ensure that the guest has a seamless experience and be provided with great customer service. I think good customer service is such an easy thing to provide and this is what separates us from our competitors.”

          Cramer comments that being in Dallas, having such a big pool of agencies makes it a very competitive atmosphere, but that is part of the challenge and what pushes you to think out side the box. Switchplace is just the beginning for Cramer he intends on moving to more Advertising based agencies in the future with in the Dallas area.

My internship with Palisade Produce


Farmer and Owner David Cox with some crew members including myself

           Life is beautiful. Eat a peach. Not only did I see this slogan everyday, but I also believed in it since I was 15. Head of local sales and advertising at Palisade Produce was my job title for the past few months.                                                                                       


      It began with four acers a newly wed couple named David and Jamie Cox that were friends of the family and had me wave a sign on the side of the road as they sold their peaches from a small white van. It quickly turned into 10,000 acers and four peach designed sprinter vans and me as head of local sales advertising.

     The skill I have learned watching and helping this small local business grow is endless but some new challenges I had handed to me this past summer internship taught me were:

  • Hiring and firing employees
  • Dealing with pay checks and timesheets to log hours
  • Getting sales permits from different city halls in CO and UT
  • Promoting our produce through other local businesses
  • Talking to businesses and getting spots to sell our produce
  • Training
  • Designing company shirts
  • Posting on their social media platforms, coming up with contests an tags

The Challenges

           Promoting a small business is hard in itself, but dealing with produce is a whole different challenge because of the limited time you have the fruit being fresh. Thinking on my feet was something I did at least five times a day with problems arising and me having to make the decision to cut prices or sell to different markets.

    My favorite part

            The best part of my job was getting to come up with ideas to promote Palisade Produce as a company. I got to go around meeting other small town business owners and get them to create bar drinks, pies, ice cream and even pizza with our farm fresh fruit to get our name out there. I loved being a part of a community that helped each other advertise and in return we’d sell them our produce whole sell and even get rid of over ripe fruit to be made into these different cuisines.