Web Advertisings Flood User Pages

Advertising these days has changed quite a bit. Now days, we are bombarded with advertisements almost every minute of the day. We hear advertisements on the radio, as we are driving along the highway, anytime we get on the internet, about every fifteen minutes on TV, and in magazines everywhere.

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Web Advertising

Different advertising techniques are designed to grab your attention. On the web we see many common ad techniques daily, such as:


  • Web banner advertisements,
  • Bandwagon advertising,
  • Promotional advertising,
  • Testimonial and endorsement advertising,
  • Contextual advertising.


Let Me Explain

Web banners are ads that are placed usually at the top or bottom of the webpage. If you click on the banner ad, a link will take you to the advertisers website. With bandwagon advertising, the company is attempting to sway you to consume their product by portraying that the product is popular among a group. Often times, if an individual believes that a product is wanted by many then it must be a good product.


Promotional advertising involves either promotional give-away items and/or promotional media events, which help get public attention. Testimonial and endorsement advertising is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. People give testimonies as to why they love the product (think Proactive, weight-loss pills/meal ads, and late-night infomercials), or they use a celebrity to endorse the product. Contextual advertising is a system that is used to target specific users; ads pop up depending on that users previous searches or highly frequented webpages.


Ignoring What is Right In Front of Us

We see these advertisements just about everywhere, but over time our minds have learned to overlook them. We have become desensitized to them. It is as though the more ads we see, the less attention we pay to them individually.


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