The “Skip” button on YouTube impacts ads

Here’s the verdict: people are guilty of hitting the skip button on the corner of the screen when an advertisement pops up on YouTube. 80-85% of skippable ads online are bypassed, so the majority of them go unseen. This affects the ad agencies who put the ads together, and YouTube who allows them to show on their videos. Sophomore Chloe Fifer says she never watches the ads and automatically skips them. “If I’m watching a video, it’s for a reason,” Fifer says. “I don’t have time to sit through an advertisement.”

The creation of an “Unskippable” ad

Ad agencies spend time and money creating an ad campaign. The advertising agency Nail attempts to create an unskippable ad that influences viewers not to overlook their ad while watching YouTube. It is frustrating for their work to be overlooked, so they try to prevent it. The Global Media Group also provides advice on how to prevent ads being skipped. They suggest using the following to keep viewers interested in the ad:

  • Appealing audio
  • Contextual targeting
  • Annotations

In addition to the work agencies put into creating the ads, they also have to figure out how to keep people from bypassing their work.

YouTube’s benefit

The average price of a “cost-per-view” ad ranges between $.10 – $.30. Because YouTube streams over 2 billion videos per day, advertisers are willing to pay for that viewership. However, YouTube rakes in most of the profit. Whether viewers skip the ads or not, YouTube still gets the money for showing the ad.

The future of online ads on YouTube

Online ads aren’t disappearing anytime soon. Online video is the fastest growing ad category because of the audience size. Advertisers want to reach audiences who, on average, intake 68 YouTube videos per month. Nevertheless, the solution to viewers skipping ads can never be completely solved. Advertisers will have to continue to find creative ways to grab the audience’s attention before they can hit the skip button.


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