Looking into event planning history

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From business meetings to weddings, event planners guide the success of an event. Event planning includes planning, organizing, and designing events. The industry is divided into two market segments and five industry sectors.

The official definition is vague, but can be summarized as a coordinator of all details surrounding an event. This includes:

  • Choosing speakers
  • Finding a venue
  • Acquiring permits
  • Planning food accommodations
  • Designing a theme

The early days

Event planning began with meetings of monarchs and other royal officials. Some examples might be royal weddings and religious celebrations. Mardi Gras is also an example of a religious festival that takes meticulous planning annually.

The Industrial Revolution also paved the way for the event industry. At this point in time, people were beginning to make more money; therefore, they began to spend more money. This spurred the World’s Fair and various industry trade shows.

Modern Times

Today, the event industry seems to be dominated by weddings, large sport events, and concerts. There are even celebrity event planners, like David Tutera, that have contributed to the growth of the industry.

While the industry is growing, it remains a small community. Breaking into the business is difficult and can depend on who you know and how hard you work.

More than a “party planner”

 While there can be a negative stigma with being a “party planner,” planning events is more than what it seems. Event planning is a form of service to those who are attending an event. Event planners have difficult jobs, but their work is meaningful.


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