Benefits within the Hash Tag trend

Hashtags have completely taken over this century’s social media as a tool that can be used in many different ways: weddings, political movements, searching interests and advertising.

The main point of hash-tagging a word is to emphasize the point, and make it easy for readers to search others that have posted on that subject. It has been a must have recently for any big-time social event to have a hashtag that people can either follow to see live tweets if they weren’t present or to later view pictures from that event. There is a website dedicated to create the best hash tag for your wedding, another huge hashtag trend.

Companies are benefiting  from this new trend because it is easier to track their customers and reach their target market. Campaigns for new products with hashtags and prompting costumers to use them on social media for prizes, as simple as a re-tweet or re-posting of their picture are also a way companies can connect with costumers through hashtags.

Just this past week Burger King took over social media with the #HalloweenBurger  they made their burger buns black for the month of October for Halloween. This is an example of promoting a fun and different product and how hash tags were used to see who was trying it and what the final opinions were.

Organizing social media posts are made easier with the use of hashtags. In the article called #hashtags rule on social media by Fiona Powell it describes hash tags as “how we organize and categorize on social media and how we search and discover things of interest…searching a hashtag allows us to drill down into a specific niche subjects, categories and keywords.”

Knowing how to use hashtags can greatly benefit us in the ad/PR world through promoting products and seeing peoples feedback toward products.


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