American race relations

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In a poll run by NBC News, over fifty percent of our nation believes that race relations in the US are currently bad, “…the most pessimistic assessment of racial issues in almost two decades. In the past twenty years, race relations have been a major topic of discussion in the United States.”

An issue that has been ever present in our country has bubbled to the surface yet again – but this time, stronger than ever. President Obama sites this negative growth in an NPR interview as instead a heightened awareness of the issue. As more and more people begin to discuss race relations, more begin to believe in its importance.

Perspectives of race relations

As we make strides towards realizing the importance of race relations, we must first understand is that each race views race relations differently. In a US News poll, blacks consistently felt different than whites regarding race relations. While whites appeared hopeful that race relations are improving, blacks perspective on race relations actually showed the opposite.

Attitudes by percentage

When discussing attitudes towards race relations, whites showed a percentage ranging from 6-34% percent higher than blacks. The biggest difference: job opportunities, the second, housing and the third, education.

Finding common ground

As our country makes moves towards better race relations, I believe we need to begin to understand the perspective of the other race. If we continue to have such different perspectives, we will only continually go in circles regarding the issue. We will not be able to reach common ground in regards to race relations if we cannot first begin to understand race relations in a like manner.

Understanding ‘the other’

As a person of both black and white races, I will be the first to say race relations ARE an issue. Not only is this something I see in my life on a macro scale, but also on a micro scale within my family. Neither side, black or white, understands the other. And it often seems that neither side wants to. If we can never reach a common ground on the belief that each and every person deserves equal treatment than race relations will continue to be a major issue.

What will you do to make race relations better?


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