ACU Gives Students Adobe Creative Cloud For Free

If you walk into the Don Morris building and ask students what is the product they use the most, they would say Adobe. At least one time in their college careers every student in this building will use Adobe for a class. This product is beneficial for students when it comes to furthering their careers. For a long time, students had to pay for this outstanding tool on their own, until now.


ACU Helps Students

ACU noticed that many students in and out of the Don Morris building use this fantastic product. Therefore, they decided to help out their students of all levels and provide it for free. As a JMC major this caused a minor heart attack of excitement for myself and other students. ACU not only is helping their amazing students but they are also helping themselves by offering the Adobe service.

ACU Goes Further Than Most Universities

Not many universities offer the cloud to their entire student body. ACU just pushed themselves a step further in academics by having this product to help out their students. By doing this, there will never be an issue for students who cannot afford the product. It will also give students outside the building the resources to help their education as well.

The Cloud Is For All

Most people assume that Adobe is just for graphic design majors because of Photoshop and Indesign. However, there are multiple products for all students such as Lightroom that can help inspiring photographers or Audition that can help dancers or musicians. There are all kinds of products that we as students can now access for free thanks to ACU.

In order to access these products all you have to do is

  • Go to
  • Click sign in at the top
  • Enter your email address
  • Select Enterprise ID if directed
  • You should be directed to the ACU sign in page where you will enter your myACU name.
  • From the left menu click Creative Cloud Apps Downloads
  • Download any product you wish

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