Abilene Finds Hope

Abilene seems to be that perfect place where people go to school, find their future spouse, and most likely attend one of the many local Churches of Christ. The average college student can be blinded to the harsh realities that exist all around them. Abilene is much more than simply a college town. Many apartment complexes and communities in the area have extremely high crime rates. Thankfully, there are many local nonprofits in town that are trying to battle these statistics and make Abilene a better place.

College students do care

However, not all college students are avoiding the world around them. Many college students are a huge help to nonprofits and are a vital part of making the community a safer one. The following are a few of the nonprofits that are flooded with college students:

  • REACH Apartment Ministry
  • World’s Backyard
  • YMCA
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • Meals on Wheels

Abilene reaches out

Some ways that these organizations are helping shape Abilene into a truly family friendly place is through Healthy Kids Days and providing homes for the large population of homeless people.Because of the large amount of churches, many homeless people flood to Abilene in search of shelter. It is too much for just the churches to deal with everyday. Without the many nonprofits, homeless people would have nowhere to go.


People return what they once received

People are starting to see how beneficial nonprofits are to the community around them. Many people have been brought out of an extremely dark place because of the comfort they found in Abilene. People who once participated in these programs are now giving back. This demonstrates the full circle that occurs when one puts in time with one of these nonprofits.

Abilene sees the difference

It has taken some time, but the city of Abilene has finally realized the importance of having nonprofits. A few select nonprofits are starting to give tax cuts to help with the high-energy bills. Small steps like this one are a fundamental part of making Abilene that perfect oasis that many people think it is.


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