JMC Students Make Third Floor Like Home


Students everywhere take their classes and college life for granted. Everyday a student can be heard complaining about difficult workloads. Yet, through true personal reflection, life on third floor of Don Morris is something special. It would be difficult to find another place where community is as vibrant as it is here.

The small number of professors and even smaller number of classrooms allows JMC students to get to know the department incredibly well. Similar to their thoughts about workload, students often complain about having to climb all those flights of stairs. Looking back, alumni would not have it any other way. Some would say it was a bonding experience.

While she is here at ACU, JMC student Audrie Trevino, choses to look at the bright side of the third floor of Don Morris. She excitedly answered the following questions:

What is your favorite thing about DM 3rd Floor?

“My favorite thing about that floor is that the classes are small and pretty personal.”

What is the first thing you think of when you think of that place?

“First thing I think of is all of the art I pass up going to class. I love looking at all of it.”

What will you miss most about DM 3rd Floor?

“I’ll miss the community that floor has. Everyone that you pass by, you know. That is because our department is so small. Also, Lisa Wiggins and her office.”

This floor not only has community, but a feeling of home. Trevino also remarks on the uplifting and bright atmosphere that is brought in by the smiling classmates and professors. One of the common things that people love is passing by Lisa Wiggins office. Even in the chaos that life seems to always be in, Wiggins always offers a much-needed hug and prayer. Don Morris 3rd floor is not just a department hall, but also a place where students can feel truly at home.


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