Technology Changing the way the Classroom Works


Technology is a collection of items around us. It consist of techniques, skills, and methods that create goods and services. the purpose of technology is to design, store and develop information. It is constantly growing and developing our classrooms.

Changes in Roles

Before students would have a more passive role in the classroom, only using hard copies of books or transmitting information for the teacher directly. Now it is more active. They take on a more active role by using technology as a device  for communicating. they are actively receiving information and deciding how to use it. There are many categories in which students can analyze technology, since it is everywhere around us it comes in different forms.

The different forms of technology include:

  • Tangible: proposals, model ideas, manuals, prototypes
  • Intangible: Problem-solving, or training methods
  • High: completely automatic technology refines finer and powerful forces
  • Intermediate: semiautomatic technology refines medium level forces
  • Low: labor-intensive technology that deploys only weak forces

Affirmative Change for Technology

Since it does allow more students to be active during classroom lectures, it enables them to think about information, problem solving, and performance level. When technology is used in these manners instead of negatively it can help students each their goals, make decisions and cultivate their own progress.

Teacher Roles

Technology is designed to make life easier. It helps the teacher no longer have to lecture the whole class, but calls for a dynamic classroom. It is no longer one sided with a student just taking notes. The teacher takes on the role of a facilitator. Since the students have all the resources at their hands, teachers become more of a coach by setting the guidelines and making sue students are on the right path.


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