Students Make Progress In ‘Women In Film’ Research

For this week’s blog, I have decided to take a look at one of the class assignments that many JMC students are working on this semester. As part of the JMC 317 class, Electronic Media Principles, students are working in groups to research different topics that they are interested in.

image3         image2

What is the Research Over?

The group that I am working with is studying how women are portrayed and/or stereotyped in action films. We hypothesized that women are typically portrayed negatively, or with strong feminine stereotypes, in action films. It was difficult deciding what exactly we wanted to study at the beginning, but we eventually finalized what we were interested in.


As a group, we wanted to analyze certain action films and then study the role that females play in the storyline. A few films we may analyze are the Bond films, Charlie’s Angels, the X-men series, the Avengers movie, the Tomb Raider, and Avatar. We will watch the film and then note how many female characters there are, what roles they have, and how they are portrayed or stereotyped.


As a group, we have worked on finding credible sources to help aid us in our research. It has given us valid and useful examples of what we are hypothesizing, and how we will share our findings.


Moving Forward

Though the research assignment has only just begun, we are looking forward to studying the films mentioned and discovering any information we can gather. Seeing as the group consists mainly of girls, I would say this is an important topic for us to study. Though we are influenced by these movies already it will be interesting to study how, and with what messages, we are truly influenced.


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