Stephanie Jordan’s Challenges of Senior Year

As October rolls around the workload begins to increase. This time of year is stressful for everyone but especially for seniors. Not only does the workload increase, but seniors’ also face the difficulty of accomplishing the requirements their majors demands before they are allowed graduate. Multimedia major Stephanie Jordan took time out of her busy schedule to illustrate what it is like to be a senior multimedia major. What she had to say about the struggles she has faced can prepare upcoming seniors on what to expect their senior year.

What are some expectations you face as a senior multimedia major?

Stephanie explains that as a senior, you are required to complete an internship that is preferably in the multimedia field. She also informs us that you have to finish all your required courses in order to graduate.

What are some things you have learned through this major?

Being a multimedia major is not easy. In fact the project take up a lot of her time. She explains that “ I can’t just whip up a video that is produced well or a good website in two seconds.”


As a senior, what do you wish you could of done differently in the previous years?

As she said before, it takes time to have good work. Therefore, Stephanie said that she wishes she would “take more time to work on being better at web design and video.”

What is your dream job and where do you want to be?

Stephanie’s dream job would be to be a film director or producer/web designer. She also would love to work at BuzzFeed. For now, Stephanie  plans on attending grad school.

Is senior year more stressful than previous years?

Just like any other senior, Stephanie said “YES. Senior year is much more stressful.” For her, It’s hard managing school, 99 West and having a social life.



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