Reporting builds real world skills

Reporting for TV, print, and online media requires courage. JMC students who are passionate about reporting learn communication skills that shape them into bold and fearless individuals. They become vulnerable; moreover,blog 4 pix reporters must step out of their shells to find out information and share it with others. When ACU students form these skills, they become persistent and confident in all areas of the workforce.

ACU offers reporting opportunities by offering the following:

  • Sports reporting
  • News reporting
  • Various broadcasts

Hands-on experience

Students learn how to speak in front of the camera and interact with subjects. In addition, they write the material that they recite. Juggling different forms of communication skills teaches students how to operate in the journalism world; moreover, it prepares students for interactions with various kinds of people, and to fight for their goals.

Sophomore close up

Jonathan Raitz, a sophomore journalism major, is a sports reporter at the JMC network for Optimist sports. This experience has taught him to get out of his comfort zone, and to appeal to different audiences. Reporting equips him to communicate with people clearly. In addition, it requires him to be timely, professional, and independent. Raitz added that the broadness of reporting also increases knowledge about various topics outside of sports and ACU events. He is able to relate and converse on many topics, which is an asset in the communication world.

Reporters steal the show

Reporters are required to accomplish a multitude of straining tasks. However, the skills reporters learn on the job shapes them into developed, sophisticated, bold, and versatile workers that can thrive in any environment. They are able to:

  • Relay news efficiently
  • Solve problems quickly
  • Take action
  • Multi task
  • Interact with multiple people in a respectable manner

Reporting prepares individuals for the workforce and the world.


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