Professor Spotlight: Dr. Cheryl Bacon



Dr. Bacon attended Abilene Christian University where she got her bachelors degree in Mass Communications and Political Science, her masters in Mass Communications, and enrolled at Texas Tech University where she got her Doctorate of Education with a 4.0 GPA.



Dr. Cheryl Bacon is the director of the public relations/advertising division and the Chair of the Journalism and Mass Communication Department at Abilene Christian University.

Bacon worked professionally in public relations, development, and financial administrations for nine years. However, she was always drawn to teaching. Supervising students on staff and teaching them about media and writing effectively was always something that appealed to her.

“I teach at Abilene Christian University because I believe few things we can give our children are as valuable as an education. Only one’s relationship with the Lord and the blessings of family and friendship are of greater value,” Bacon said.

As director of public relations/advertising Bacon explains to future students that an Ad/PR practitioner is a problem solver who uses communication skills to help clients/organizations persuade, inform and motivate its audiences.

“When I was employed by the university as a public relations practitioner I saw my work as my ministry,” said Bacon. “Whether they spend their careers in business, government, education or the non-profit sector, I want my students to use their acquired skills and understanding to minister, serve and lead throughout the world.”


Supporting the Mission

Dr. Bacon believes that a commitment to teaching and students deepens relationships within coworkers as brothers and sisters in Christ and increases the community of believers. She chooses to think that on can get an education anywhere. However, at Abilene Christian the mission is to prepare students for Christian service throughout the world. At ACU you not only get a great education but have professors that will go above and beyond to ensure you succeed in the classroom and in your spiritual life.


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