Planning the Gutenberg


The number of events at ACU has grown since the opening of the Hunter Welcome Center about six years ago. The Gutenberg is one of the many events that use the HWC for its festivities. I talked with Claire Heath, who works for Morris + Mitchell and is an intern with University Events, about what is happening behind the scenes of this annual event.

Planning Gutenberg

Claire says that planning an event like this takes a team of people with different skills. She also said that it is important that these individuals enjoy using their differences for the benefit of the team. Working together for a common goal is important when working on events of any kind.

The Gutenberg team began by researching information in order to develop a plan for this year’s event. This research was used to develop the theme, menu, and overall atmosphere of the event. The team researched:

  • Target audience
  • Honorees
  • Past Gutenberg files

A Learning Experience

Working on this team has allowed Claire to learn that planning events takes a group of passionate people with a common goal. The team must be motivated to work hard in order for the event to be a success.

Claire has a unique insight because she not only is working on the Gutenberg for Morris + Mitchell, but is also an intern for University Events. This has allowed her to be an asset for the Gutenberg team.

Because she works for University Events there is little need to set up formal meetings with the Director of Events or the Director of Catering. Claire is able to use her insight on what is available and what vendors are regularly used for the benefit of the Gutenberg. This saves the Gutenberg team time and allows them to be more efficient.

The Gutenberg is an exciting event for students and alumni. It allows students an opportunity to network with alumni and for alumni to be honored for their hard work.



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