News Never Stops for the Editor-in-Chief

Brittany Jackson - Editor in Chief

As editor-in-chief of the Optimist, Brittany Jackson is always organizing, reporting, and editing. Whether it’s on-the-go from her smartphone or at her computer in the newsroom, Brittany Jackson’s job never seems to stop.

A Face Lift for the Optimist

Over the last few months, Brittany and her team of editors have worked hard to move breaking news to a web interface, and to redesign the print publication in a more reader-friendly format. This shift has allowed editors to have more flexible schedules when writing and editing stories, but Brittany still works tirelessly everyday to ensure everything is always running smoothly.

There’s Always Something

Although the Optimist has shifted its primary focus from print to online, the student publication still provides valuable newsroom experience.

Although Abilene is a little slow, there’s always something we can be reporting, tweeting or instagraming. We have our lulls in the office when we’re scratching our head to come up with story assignments, but there’s always something to be working on in the office.” —Brittany Jackson

Brittany and her staff are always working to publish the most interesting and relevant content possible.

Brittany’s Day Off

Brittany’s free days are few and far between, but if she can find a spare moment, she will likely spend it with her roommates. Whether it’s eating, reading, or binge-watching Netflix, Brittany just likes to be with them.

“They’re my best friends, so it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing so long as we get to spend time with one another.” —Brittany Jackson

If Brittany’s roommates are nowhere to be found, she may be found running through the streets of Abilene. “I’m training for a marathon with a class right now, so I usually wake up before the sun on Saturdays and go for a run. Then I’ll get home and check email, because news never stops,” said Brittany.

Finding Balance

To be the editor-in-chief of the Optimist is to be busy, but Brittany still finds time to spend alone and with close friends. She does her job gracefully, and of course, always with her email close at hand.



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