Gabby Robinson- Life at ACU

Being a JMC major it has allowed myself to cross paths with many different people. 

Gabby Robinson, a Junior in the JMC department is on a interesting path at ACU. While most students end up going into a career field that aligns with their degree plan, Gabby has different plans when she graduates.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.36.05 AM

What does your day look like from start to end? 

“The beginning of my day I like to start off by watching the news as soon as I wake up, just to get ahead on the current events the rest of my day is filled with school, work in between classes and on campus activities and the nights are filled with Club events!”

How is being at ACU preparing you for a career? 

“ACU is really teaching me how diverse the world will be and how to enter into the professional world with strong Christian views.” 

What are your plans after graduating ACU? 

“My plans after graduation are to go to law school, I want to go into international law! So I will be taking the LSAT next summer and next fall and touring different schools.” 

What activities are you involved in at ACU?

“Here on campus I am a member of Ko Jo Kai, Student Alumni Association Ambassadors, and OMA newsletter contributors.” 

What do you love most about being at ACU?

“What I love the most about ACU is the sense of community and how loving everyone is. I always thought I would end up at a big public school but I am incredibly thankful that God placed me here on ACU’s campus.”


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