Behind the scenes of the new fresh food on wheels

This year’s freshman class has been the largest it’s been for 25 years, and we needed to find an alternative to feeding the big group, beyond the world famous beans capacity. That’s where the new 1881 food truck came into play.

Designed by Nil Santana, Director of the MakerLAb with the help of students put together this project. Deciding that not only the over whelming amount of freshman but also the need to bring healthy food options to the urban areas was the need that was in need to be met. One of the students behind coming up with design ideas was Christina Williams an ad/PR graduate.

“Social media was instrumental for us when launching our truck. We started by doing soft openings with groups and used these groups to promote us before our first official launch date. By the time we opened to the public anticipation has already been created,” Williams said.

The main Idea by Santana was to bring ACU and the Abilene community fresh ingredients for a low price. Santana said the goal for this fall is design, ideation, and prototyping, capped by the implementation of their designs. The spring semester will be devoted “to immersive contact with the community,” Santana said.

Being a senior and about to head into the world of event planning and advertising Williams took this opportunity and was able to get creative with fellow classmates. Creating this truck they had this 1881 idea because of the railroads in Abilene and how they impacted the city greatly in new transportations for goods and people. Williams said her and the team wanted to do this modern take on it.

The truck is clean black with green and white lettering with the slogan “engineering good eats”

Through looking over the 1881 twitter page  it states “ 1881 is a mobile eatery whose fare is a fusion of history and modern cuisine.”

You can find the truck in these locations at different times that are listed on their Tweeter and Facebook pages daily:

  • ACU located by GATA fountain
  • The Mill
  • Frontier Texas
  • Neon Patriot
  • D1 Elite physical therapy

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