Barbara Bush-Lamming Explains her ACU Story


If you have been a JMC student or faculty member at any time within the past five years, chances are you have grown to know and love Barbara Bush-Lamming. Barbara is one of the first people you see as you enter the JMC department on the third floor of the Don Morris Center. As many of you may be wondering, what exactly is the story behind this familiar face?

Barbara works in the department mainly as the assistant to Dr. Bacon. She joined the JMC faculty in 2010 when her son decided to come to ACU. Although her son transferred to Texas Tech University soon after, Barbara decided to stay.

Day-to-Day duties

Barbara has many different duties that she is responsible for within the department. One of Barbara’s main responsibilities is to oversee budgets for organizations in the department such as:

  • Morris + Mitchell
  • The Optimist
  • 99 West
  • K-ACU-FM

Barbara explains that she keeps up with the “day-to-day work that keeps everything running.” During an average day at work, Barbara answers many emails from various departments as well as any inquiries outside of ACU. During this time of year, with Gutenberg right around the corner, she is very busy working on various Gutenberg details. Barbara spends a large portion of her time dealing with the shuffling of papers along with whatever else comes up that needs to be done.

Why she loves her job

Barbara’s favorite part of her job is the people that she works with in the JMC department along with the students. With so much going on in the department, her job is never boring because each day is so different. Although her job can get hectic at some points, the people around her make every day enjoyable.


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