Student Spotlight: Shelby Ratliff


Shelby Ratliff

Shelby Ratliff is a senior advertising and public relations major from Lake Kiowa, TX. She graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic School in 2012 and continued her college education at Abilene Christian where her sister Sarah attended.

Hobbies/Favorite Things

Some of her favorite things include riding her horse Willy, working out, being on lake, coffee, sushi, and fashion. Shelby has won an American Quarter Horse Association Championship and multiple National Snaffle Bit Association Championships.

Shelby is also a member of GATA, a social club on campus.


Plans for the Future

As a freshman and sophomore Shelby studied in the College of Business as a marketing major. However, her junior year her passion led her to the College of Journalism and Mass Communications where she started to pursue a degree in AD/PR.

After college Shelby hopes to move the Dallas/Fort Worth where she can work with an Ad/PR firm or as a director of social media. She wants to be in Dallas where she can be close to her family and her continue to ride her horse both competitively and for fun.


Advertising/Public Relations

Shelby has learned a lot in her transition from COBA to the JMC department. However, she believes that the AD/PR classes have better prepared her for the future. “The department has taught me how to plan things out better, how to speak professionally in a job interview, how to voice my opinion in a mature way, and handle any unethical situation I may be in.”


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