JP Festa Gives His Advice to Students

When I think back to freshman year, I would of loved to have advice from alumni on their experience and what they would have done differently. Their advice could help prospective and current students with their future endeavors. Alumni JP Festa took time out of his day to give advice to freshman about his experience in the department and what he would have done differently.

JP graduated in spring of 2015 with a degree in multimedia and a minor in business. He is now working at Global Tobacco LLC in Dallas. Here is what JP had to say about his experience and what he would change while a student in the JMC department.

How did the JMC department help you?

“Getting involved with The Optimist, the Ken Collums Show, and 99 West let me gain experience outside of the classroom in ways I would otherwise not have.”

If you could do one thing differently, what would you have done?

“Overall I had a great experience in the JMC department. The only thing I would have done different would be getting to know alumni or guest speakers when they come to the department. They give great advice on what experience you should be looking for from an internship or help you find jobs after graduation.”

What advice would you give to freshman entering the JMC department?

“The only advice I would give is to get started working with the JMC network once you are settled into your classes. Not only do you gain experience and apply what you are learning in your classes. Your professor will help mentor you through internships and connect you with alumni before you graduate while you’re looking for a job.”

As JP said, getting connected with alumni and being involved can be valuable for a student’s future. His advice and experience in the department is so beneficial for all present and future students to take into consideration.



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