JMC in a Christian World

Just like faith and works go hand in hand, Christianity and journalism tie together in the same way. The bridge between the two is that they both express beliefs, whether it’s your personal opinion or one that’s inarguably correct. They both provide us with knowledge about news that is rapidly spread throughout the world.

Journalism’s mission is to provide accurate information, in a comprehensive and timely manner. The mission of Christianity is to propagate the belief of God, our creator and spread the truth. When these two are put together you get to read about and explore Christianity through different viewpoints, and other sources that we have access to.

Resourceful Skills

Writing and photojournalism can be useful for mobilizing interest in the Christian mission fields. Some organizations have people who travel the world then come back and report everything they have witnessed. They publish provisions online, via video or even print. Useful skills that contribute to these include:

  • Web publishing
  • Photoshop
  • Post-Production
  • Administration
  • Writing

These are useful to convey Christ’s meaning through journalism so people can easily understand and allow proliferation of Jesus.

Gifts are the best

If you have these skills they are gifts from the Lord, so why not use them to serve him? You could write editorials about mission agencies or even development projects that you want to see come to life. Sharing his word through your work is praising him and maturing your own faith. Do not bury your talents, but develop them even more. You only can live on earth once so it’s important to figure out your calling and use it to best serve your creator.


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