Hannah Null Gives the Inside Scoop on Convergence Journalism


This week, I got an inside look into the life of Hannah Null, a junior convergence journalism major from Flower Mound. Hannah is involved in a numerous amount of activities around campus including:

  • Pitching for the ACU softball team
  • Working for the Optimist as a video sports reporter
  • Writing for the Optimist’s editorial and sports page
  • Anchoring for the weekly JMC Network Sportscast

Hannah manages to balance sports, class, a social life, and working for both the Optimist and the JMC Network Sportscast throughout an average week. All of these responsibilities are helping her work toward her goal of becoming an ESPN sideline reporter.

Pros and Cons of Convergence Journalism

A typical day of classes for Hannah includes a decent amount of reading and a large amount of writing. Hannah explains that she must always have her eyes and ears open in order to learn more about what is going on around her.

Hannah’s favorite part of her major is always being in the know. According to Hannah, “it’s really cool to be the one to break the story to everyone, especially in the sports world.”

Although Hannah loves her major, aspects of it can be hard for her. She explains that she is not fond of doing a lot of snooping, which is one of her duties for both the Optimist and the JMC Network Sportscast.

“I have to ask people hard questions and I get rejected a lot of the time. That is my least favorite part – dealing with reluctant sources.”

Wise Words

Through two years of experience as a convergence journalism major at ACU, Hannah shares advice to those who are new to the major.

“Take as many JMC classes as you can. The more you learn in the classroom, the more you can contribute to your assignments and desired profession.”

Hannah emphasizes the importance of getting involved within the department. She encourages all convergence journalism majors to join the Optimist because that is real life experience that you cannot get anywhere else.


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