Gutenberg Comes to Town


As the Gutenberg Celebration approaches, students, attendees, and honorees need to start preparing. The celebration is more than simply a dinner. Rather, it is a place for people in all walks of life to establish valuable connections.

According to experienced JMC senior, Stephanie Jordan, “the best way to prepare for the Gutenberg is to come up with preset information about yourself that you would like people to know.” It is not necessarily vital for all attendees to bring their resume, but they should be confident in sharing important information when asked.

Connections are important for students planning to join the work-world within the next few years. Yet, that is not the only time connections are important. Even if you are already a part of a company, getting to know others in the same field as you is fundamental for future endeavors.

A common issue at the Gutenberg is a failure to dress professionally. Although the event is on campus and located at a less formal place, it is still a strictly professional event. Attendees need to look their best to ensure they are giving off the right vibes to the connections they are making.

Jordan commented that one of the most important aspects of the Gutenberg is the opportunity to sharpen connection-making skills. You can learn the following things you can learn from the Gutenberg:

  • Boosting confidence in speaking with professionals
  • Dressing professionally
  • Learning how to make connections and stay in contact with them

ACU provides an amazing opportunity for its current and past students to build connections. ACU alumni and students are given an extremely valuable gift. This is not something to be taken for granted. Preparing and feeling confident will change a night at the Gutenberg from being awkward to a night were you could meet your future employer or best friend.


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