Frontier Texas bringing new event to Abilene Community

Being a part of Mitchell & Morris is an opportunity to dive into the advertising world as well as the Abilene community through a student ran advertising agency.One of our biggest clients is Frontier Texas, and this year we are helping them advertise and plan for their new film fest for historical documentaries created by people in Abilene and worldwide.

Jeff Salmon CEO of Frontier Texas is exited for his new event. “It really will give the documentary film creators a chance to have their own film competition to set them apart from the movie industry” Salmon said meeting with us to go over more ideas for the event.

Stephanie Revels a fellow team member on this project “ This event is a chance for us to learn to advertise for the baby boomer generation and our own millennial generation.”

Revels along with the rest of our group is very exited to put together fliers, social media posts, and commercials along with many other advertising ideas prepared to get people to attend this event and promote Frontier Texas.

Frontier Texas film fest will also bring lots of culture to the Abilene community because it’s a nationwide contest and that also means our group will really have to broaden our horizons to reach this national audience.

“Classic black and white a simplistic, classic film strips hanging, and old photos is what we are going for in the theme,” said Revels.

Behind the scenes of planning and promoting for this event the team has really been challenged to think out side the box on how to reach a audience that wants to attend as well as people that want to participate in the film fest with submitting their documentaries. This film fest will be on March 3, 2016 – 5, 2016 at Paramount theater time is to be announced on a later date.


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