Creativity draws students to a JMC degree

JMC majors are born with an edge. Various skills such as writing, reporting, reading and communication develop during their education, but creativity is naturally inscribed in their genes. The ability to communicate efficiently while providing creative insight is what sets JMC majors apart from the rest of the population. The levels of creative use varies within JMC majors. However, each requires out of the box thinking to engage an audience.

A pull towards Ad/PR

Rachel Runnels, a sophomore Ad/PR major, says the creative aspect of the JMC department played a “major role” in deciding her degree path. Originally, Runnels planned to major in public speaking. However, she found that Ad/PR offered career opportunities that better aligned with her passions. Runnels wants to go into event planning and pursue a job where her originality is an asset. Her creative abilities lie in her capacity to come up with artistic ideas and innovative ways to solve problems. The JMC Department allows students to exercise creative traits by offering the following opportunities:

  • Working at Morris + Mitchell
  • Organizing events such as the Red Thread Fashion Showblog3pic
  • Participating in on-air broadcasts
  • Writing for the Optimist
  • Photography and videography

Creativity: a hidden gem in the workforce

Companies and agencies alike need creative minded people to help their organizations stay competitive and innovative. People with the ability to consistently think of original ideas are rare; moreover, they are crucial to keep an audience. The JMC majors offered at ACU allows creative minded individuals find their niche and thrive in a job that utilizes unique ways of thinking. The role creativity plays in a JMC degree varies from degree, but all have the element of innovative thinking that can reach audiences around the world.


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