Casaundra Johnson- Memories at ACU

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.09.37 PM

Casaundra graduated from ACU in 2002 with a degree in journalism and communications and now is the Director of marketing and revenue generation for Business Service at ACU. Casaundra has walked in all of our shoes in the JMC department and has great advice for current and future students.

What do you think that students searching for a career in Ad/PR should be involved with in school?

“Volunteer or request to be on a non-profit board and serve on marketing committee of non-profit. They are always needing help and assistance and could use the younger energy of students in the mix.”

If you could go back and do anything different in school, would you?

“Network more and seek more opportunities to volunteer to get more experience. I never took the time to further the relationship, get an email or phone number to stay connected. People have a softer heart for students and it’s a lot easier to get in the door when you’re younger.”

From your perspective, is there anything that students are not taking advantage of in school?

“I think students often approach opportunities with a student mindset instead of an “adult” mindset.  What I mean is that they would be better served to approach opportunities like it’s a real world opportunity and handle it as such.”

“Know your plan and what type of experiences you want and get experiences that match your goals.” 

“Find mentors in the areas you wanting to go in.” 

What did a day for you look like when you went to school at ACU?

“I worked three jobs, was a full-time student and was in leadership role as Essence of Ebony.  I was super busy and stressed! Although those stresses compare nothing to real life…having to manage all that helped build up threshold to high pressure situations and prepare for the real world.”


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