A passion for advertising

In order to understand where you are, you must also know where you have been, right? I think so. You must know who you are as a person, what you do daily and you have to know about the world around you. When you begin to look at the world around you, if you do not know where the world has come from your understanding of the world may be different than what it is.

But – if we take the time to understand the history, I think we can better understand today. In my opinion, this applies to advertising as well.

Early advertising

When looking at advertising from the 1950’s there is a – what we would call – vintage theme. The advertisements display deep colors and bold messages based around themes of the family home, cars or women working in the homes. They contain catch phrases but not a lot of detailed graphics or information.

images  l-6920sp7236os4x1950--plymouth-suburban-station-wagon-automobile-advertisement--color-john-madison


Advertising now

However, as we move to today, one can see that advertisements have become much more subtly persuasive in nature. The visuals are interesting, brightly colored and catching to the eye.

As technology has advanced so has advertising and the abilities of the creators. Advertisers are able to really invest themselves into their work and make it their own. They don’t have to pick from a few options for graphics but instead can create their own.

ct6553-racer-ad_f-1bcd30c2f8d4765b8b2f6ff0000cf2672 maxresdefault Rolex-Daytona-Everose-Advert

A passion is developed

I think this ability to create and make advertisements ones own, has created a new revolution in advertising. The creators really invest in their projects and therefore create a better more effective product.

When talking to a JMC student, Karley Adrion, she expressed this,

“There’s something in our soul, our personality that instantly connects with that artwork or advertisement. Yes, I might be selling something, but it’s not just a product but an idea, concept, feeling, dreams, and the sweat, tears (and sometimes blood) that goes into creating it.”

Now that, is a passion and investment in advertising.


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