A business student learning a JMC world

A business student in a JMC world

It is common for students to add a minor to their major studies. Many business marketing and management students choose to take JMC classes in order to broaden their perspectives. Mary Melissa Keil, a senior marketing major, minors in ad/PR. She said, “It is hard, but it is worth it… you will learn a lot of useful things.”

JMC classes can be a benefit to business students because they:

  • Allow students to be creative
  • Teach students new software programs
  • Teach students about design elements

The importance of creativity

Creativity is important for business students to practice. Many business classes, such as accounting or finance, do not allow for creativity. Taking classes in the JMC department can allow students to express creativity.

Technology in the Professional World

Software programs, like the Adobe Suite, are a growing aspect of the professional world. Business schools often teach programs like Excel, but do not teach other computer software. Knowing how to use these programs is important because they can allow a student to stand apart from their peers or coworkers.

Design can make a difference

Another benefit of business students taking classes in the JMC department is that they can learn elements of design. In a business school, students are expected to know how to design professional presentations and projects. JMC classes teach students how to put together these types of assignments. Learning about design allows students to standout in their classes and in the professional world.

Students can learn useful tools by taking classes outside of their major. For business students this is particularly useful when assigned presentations and projects in the classroom and in the professional world. While it can be difficult to take classes outside of ones major, the skills learned can be a great benefit after graduation.


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