Multimedia Major Takes Interest in Visual Media

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Favorite JMC Course

Isaiah Tripp, junior sports board caster major, has taken many courses in the JMC Department. Professor Cade White, who teaches Tripp’s Introduction to Visual Media course, has to be his all-time favorite. One thing that made it stand out to Tripp was that the course is more projects based instead of your typical textbook work.

Some learning activities the course called for included:

  • Photoshop
  • Video graphing
  • Visual Communication

Best memory
One of Tripp’s best memories was watching a film called The Presidents Men. It taught him a lot of journalism boundaries and skills for interviewing. Tripp also gave details how the movie taught him how to introduce the “big question.” “This is when you are interviewing someone and want to ask them a question you may feel is personal,” Tripp states,  “but instead of beating around the brush attack it straight on, do not ease into it.”

Career Goal
Sports broadcasting is in the field of news and sports which are broadcast for an audience, visual media helps with an aspect of graphically displaying news, sports, entertainment and any other media. It provides a live platform since broadcast methods include radio, television and the internet. Media displays pictures through visual text and/or sounds.

Faith and Works

Tripp shows faith through his academic work, by focusing on Christian activities such as capturing pictures of objects that symbolizes his faith. On video projects, Tripp says he’ll even use Christian music to convey his belief. Faith correlates with his career in terms of speaking truth and opinion on a platform to people.

“When broadcasting sports I’ll be on national display to talk about sports but that’s also a platform to express my faith.” Tripp says. “I’ll have the stage so people will have to listen and I’ll be represented through God.”


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