My Time Working as a 99 West Producer


This year I am working as a 99 West Media producer. 99 West is a student run organization, with the help of our two wonderful faculty advisors. As a group we work with clients to create media to suit their needs. We currently shoot The Ken Collums Show, which airs on KTAB, we shoot and edit commercials specific to clients, as well as document events and cut together footage.

Weekly Schedule

Our schedule varies on a weekly basis. Some days we have multiple projects going on at the same time, and other days we are working on individual projects to better our skills. To give you a little idea of what we do, I’ll describe the filming of The Ken Collums Show.


We film the show every Tuesday night after we have our 99 West staff meeting. We arrive at the production studio around six to six thirty, where we decide who will work at which position. The possible positions are:

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Technical Director
  • Audio Director
  • VTR Operator
  • Floor Manager
  • Camera Operator

We try to switch jobs often so that we get an overall sense of how each position works, but we usually get to choose which position we would like to do.

My Job

Personally, I enjoy working as a camera operator. For the job we need to adjust the camera placement and shot type according to what the director is asking for. We reposition the camera stand, fix the pedestal height, and frame the talent for specific shots. We have to make sure our subject is in focus, with the correct placement, and head and nose room in the frame. During the recording we receive orders from the director, who tells us if we need to switch subjects, fix our shot type, or stop and start recording.


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