Morris + Mitchell client relations through the eyes of an assistant

Last semester, I applied to be an assistant for Morris and Mitchell, a student run Ad/PR agency at ACU. As an advertising major, I wanted to dive into hands-on experience as soon as possible. I am a sophomore, and M+M typically only hires juniors and seniors to be a part of the team. However, since it was simply an assistant position, sophomores were acceptable.

 Expblog3panding Experience

I have only been working at M+M for five weeks, but I have gained a surplus of insight and experience in all sides of advertising, specifically in client relationships.

M+M is currently working on 6 projects:

  • Adobe for ACU students
  • ACU Career Center
  • Miss Frontier Texas Pageant
  • Gutenberg event for JMC Alumni and students
  • Science Center
  • M+M Rebranding

M+M Interaction with Clients

Each project has clients that directly meet, call, and email the account directors. The account directors schedule meetings and have to interact professionally with the clients. They pitch their ideas, plans, and budgets. Constant communication is carried out throughout the entire process of their projects. The directors receive approval, advice, and feedback from the clients, who are established adults in the workforce.

 My Observations

I take attendance, buy snacks, track minutes, clean the agency, and run any errands needed. Therefore, the majority of my time is spent absorbing every inch of information I can from the other members. They discuss ideas, plans, and their interactions with clients. They carefully word emails, craft intricate proposals, and professionally present their ideas to clients in scheduled meetings. I have learned how to approach and interact with clients in a warm, professional way, and be willing to work for their goals.


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