Meigan Gardner Takes On The Real World

Networking is a must in the JMC department. Getting to know our alumni is crucial; therefore I sat down with recent graduate from the JMC department Meigan Gardner. Meigan currently lives in Dallas where she works as a graduate advisor for ACU Dallas. During her time at ACU, Meigan was an event coordinator/researcher for Morris + Mitchell on the Department of State and Career Center accounts. She was an intern for University Events and wrote articles for the Optimist. Meigan was also involved in the local sorority GATA. She was Rush PR director her junior year and Vice President her senior year. While sitting down with Meigan, I asked her some questions about her experience in the JMC department, what she would have done differently and some advice to give current and future students.

What year did you graduate? What was your degree in?

“I graduated in 2015 with Advertising Public Relations with a minor in Art and Business.”

How has your degree played a role in your job and life?

“I used the skills that I learned through my internship daily in my job.  (i.e. professional dress attire, people skills, planning skills, and marketing skills)”

What did the JMC department teach you?

“It taught me how to voice my opinion in a professional way.”

 If you could have done one thing different what would you have done?

“I would have asked more questions about the job industry and what it involves.”

What advice would you give future students and/or current students in the JMC department?     

“Personally I learned the most from my internship with University Events. I would advise students to make sure they get an internship that will push them to learn more and that will give them a step in the door to the industry that they hope to go into.”



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