Life after studying abroad


Life after study abroad

Study abroad is a special experience for many ACU students. Kayli Denson is a junior Ad/PR major from Abilene who spent the spring semester in Leipzig, Germany. I talked with her about her life at ACU after her study abroad experience.

Kayli first became interested in studying abroad simply because of her love of travel. She also enjoys learning about different cultures. These interests drove her to pursue studying abroad in the spring of her sophomore year.

In order to fund this trip of a lifetime, she set up a Go Fund Me website and worked at a local florist shop. The sacrifices made to fund the trip were worth the trip of a lifetime.

Life in Germany

While she was in Germany, she got to know locals through a mentoring program. She felt like this program allowed her to learn more about the German culture.

Kayli explained how she learned to evangelize with the new people she met. This became something she was good at and thoroughly enjoyed.

Life in Abilene

While she loved her time in Europe, she has enjoyed being back in Abilene and on campus. Kayli has noticed how convenient everything is on campus such as:

  • The food court
  • The Recreation Center
  • The Library

While Kayli was abroad, she missed her friend and social club, Ko Jo Kai, but is happy to be back and share about her adventures. She also feels like she experiences chapel in a new light.

Her experiences from study abroad changed her viewpoint and enriched her life. Now that she is back on campus she has a new perspective. Kayli’s semester abroad changed the way she pursues her studies and her faith.


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