Following up with JMC alumni Andrew Cramer

                Andrew Cramer, Client Operations Manager at Switchplace is an advertising student alumni who graduated in 2012. Interview with Mr. Cramer on his current work and also on him being one of the first students to work on Morris & Mitchell advertising agency here at ACU. Giving us an insight on how working in an agency before graduating has helped him with his current job, and also what his job is, and what part he plays with in the company.

How did working for Morris & Mitchell help you when getting into the professional world? 

“During my time at Morris and Mitchell, I was the team leader of the group that came up with Frontier, I was responsible for the fundraising for the first year. I would cold call on many well-known businesses in the area, seeking sponsorship money for    the competition. Giving me the opportunity to get face time with potential.”

What is your job currently?

“I am currently Client Operations Manager at Switchplace Corporate Housing. Switchplace is a corporate housing company located in Dallas, Texas. Corporate housing companies lease apartments and furnish these apartments worldwide for business people relocating with their current job.”

Tell me what it is about your current job that you love the most? 

“I love being able to leave the office everyday, knowing that my team or I Have provided our guests with the very best in customer service.”

How is it working in a big time corporate housing firm in Dallas?

“Corporate Housing is just a small piece in the very stressful relocation process that so many business people experience. It is my job to ensure that the guest has a seamless experience and be provided with great customer service. I think good customer service is such an easy thing to provide and this is what separates us from our competitors.”

          Cramer comments that being in Dallas, having such a big pool of agencies makes it a very competitive atmosphere, but that is part of the challenge and what pushes you to think out side the box. Switchplace is just the beginning for Cramer he intends on moving to more Advertising based agencies in the future with in the Dallas area.


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