Christina’s Memories through ACU

What is life like after ACU from a recent alumni’s perspective?

 Christina Williamson, ACU class of 15’, who graduated from the Advertising and Public Relations program gave me good insight to what life was like being in the Advertising and Public Relations program at ACU. Christina told me a a few questions that gives you a great insight to what helped shape her college career.


What was the biggest thing helped you through the JMC program?

 “The connections and relationships that I made with students and professors have helped me to get my first job out of college.”

“Memories I made with my friends from the department are the best I have. We all had to depended on each other to survive senior year. That created a bond that will stand the test of time!”

What would you say to someone wanting to be an ad/pr major?

“Learn as much as you can from every professor. Everyday I use something that I learned from each professor. Get involved with everything our department has to offer. The experience is something you are going to need. Also Comm Law is horrible. Just do it.

Is there anything you would have done differently in your school career?

“I honestly wish I would have started in ad/pr my freshmen year. I was an Interior Design major at first and I didn’t enjoy any of the classes like I enjoyed my ad/pr classes.”

What was the most beneficial class you took at ACU?

“Every class prepares you for real life, but in Campaigns you have Joyce Haley, who by this point has had you in class long enough she has no problem telling you exactly what she thinks. Plus the fear of her facial expressions prepares you for any boss you will have.”


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