ACU Football Kicks Off


It’s 7:45 a.m. and the coffee room on Don Morris third floor is crowded with JMC Students hoping to get a drop or two of hot coffee before that dreaded 8:00 a.m. class. A few of the students are chatting and smiling while others can barely seem to keep their eyes open. A mouse in this room filled with students would be laughing at the stark differences between morning people and those who are clearly not morning people.

The buzz this morning is about the exciting Wildcat win this past weekend. ACU’s division 1 football team won an exciting match against Houston Baptist. Along with the success of the game, ACU is bringing back the long-standing tradition of tailgating before the games. According to JMC student Mary Melissa Keil, the ACU tailgate was “not only a blast, but also got students energized before the game, which made the student section at the game a lot more fun.”

Many of the students in the room are Optimist workers and had to follow what was happening closely. Students that did not make it out to the game seemed bummed that they missed this new opportunity. Promises to make it to the next home game ensue. Keil says, “In the past few years, attendance to games have been really down and made it boring for the few that actually went to the games.” The school is hoping that with this new tailgating campaign, student attendance will be boosted. ACU is also trying to help students gain more Wildcat Pride.

Altogether, the JMC Students are huge fans of fresh brewed coffee and love to talk about what’s going on here at ACU. Waiting for the coffee to brew early in the morning can be one of the most antagonizing things. Yet, it does not have to be if you have your fellow classmates and friends around to talk to in the meantime.


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