5 Struggles Every Optimist Reporter Knows


Whether you were a staff writer or just the common student stuck in basic news class, every Journalism major knows what it is like to write for The Optimist. It is an experience that most Wildcats that walk through the doors of Don C. Morris must face…and one they won’t soon forget. That experience comes with stress, anxiety and of course the reward of seeing your name printed in the paper.

The struggle of writing for The Optimist is one most JMC students, past or present, know all to well. Here are the top five plights of writing for the ACU school newspaper.

  1. Sources That Won’t Get Back To You

You get your story assignment on a Wednesday, and you send the obligatory “Hey, I am a reporter for The Optimist…” emails to three or four people. It’s Friday at 5 p.m., and you still haven’t heard back from a single source. The fear sets in. How are you going to meet the Monday deadline without source?!

  1. WordPress Working Slow

You finally manage to find some sources, and you write your article. But what is this? The WordPress site to upload your article is down? Of course…of course it is.

  1. Picky Editors

You have followed the AP style. You have been diligent in your reporting, but when you pick up the paper to read your masterpiece, you can hardly recognize your work. Few things are worse than an editor who thinks they know your story better than you do.

  1. Friday Staff Meetings

After surviving another week of class on top of your Optimist workload, all you want to do is nap, but instead, you have to attend the staff meeting to begin work on yet another week of stories.

  1. Constantly Being Asked for Story Ideas and Constantly Having None

This one is pretty self-explanatory but is still a primary struggle of any Optimist writer.

While the stress of writing for the school newspaper may have been ever present, seeing your name printed in The Optimist was worth it every time.


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