The Summer Internship of a JMC Student


Internships are a huge part of the JMC department at ACU. Every JMC student is required to have at least one internship before they graduate. Last semester, AD/PR major Peighton Eubank began to search for an internship that was right for her. Peighton met a British man named Matt Alexander at CEO chapel who had launched a company called Need. She was intrigued by this company and believed it could be the perfect internship for her. After chapel, she got his email address and continuously emailed him about interning until she received a reply. He set up a Skype interview with her, and just like that, she received the internship.

What her Internship was About

Peighton explained that Need is a curation of men’s products, but first and foremost it is a men’s and women’s clothing line made in Dallas. Peighton worked as an AD/PR intern at Need. Some of her duties included:

  • Communicating with the Dallas Morning News
  • Working with bloggers to get Need’s products featured on their websites
  • Handling all of Need’s digital marketing and social media outlets

Learning Experience

The biggest lesson Peighton learned through her internship at Need was that “working harder than the people around you, even in the littlest things, will get you noticed.” She emphasized just how important working hard and getting noticed at an internship is. The hardest part of the internship for Peighton was the pace. Everything she did was extremely fast paced and there was a lot expected from her on a daily basis.

Through everything she learned from her internship, the advice she has for other JMC students about internships is to do as many as possible. “Internships are great for networking and getting your name out there. Be adventurous and do it in a different city than Abilene or where you’re from.”


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