Popular support fields for JMC Majors


  JMC majors often choose business related support fields for their degrees. Marketing and Management are the most popular choices for business minors in the JMC department.

Student Spotlight

Sophomore Ben Johnston, an Advertising/Public Relations major, chose marketing as his minor because it will open up more job opportunities for him in the advertising and business world. Marketing and advertising share similar goals such as profit, customer satisfaction, sales, awareness, brand recognition, and reaching an audience for a specific purpose. Originally, Johnston assumed advertising was included inside of the business school. He discovered advertising had its own degree in the JMC Department, and is accompanying it with marketing so that he can sift through multiple options in the workforce. He has a passion for advertising, but admires the business side of marketing. Combining these two areas deepen Johnston’s understanding of customers and how to most efficiently reach them.

Mixing Marketing and Advertisingblog pic #1 retake

The use of the following marketing techniques enhance advertising:

  • Research
  • Segmenting a target audience
  • Packaging
  • Positioning
  • Product placement

Multi-Dimensional Workers in the Making

Employers want to hire people who are versatile. Being in touch with the JMC and business environment shapes students into multi-dimensional workers. The application skills they learn differ from students who never stray from their major department. Advertising and marketing blend in multiple ways; becoming functioning in both opens up job opportunities and expands knowledge in the communication field. JMC students select business support fields because they mesh well with Ad/PR, create various job options, boost promotions, and add overall expertise.

Source: Ben Johnston; bcj12b@acu.edu

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