Not Your Average Joe

Austin Kilcullen

Anywhere you go in life, you will encounter characters – unique people that walk to the beat of there own drum. In the JMC department, that person is Austin Kilcullen.

School Life

Austin is a senior Ad/PR major Clarksville, TN. He works as the creative director for Morris and Mitchell, the student-run Ad/PR firm on ACU’s campus. In previous semesters he has worked as a staff photographer for The Optimist.

 But that is where the normalcy ends.

Sports Career

Austin is more than a JMC student; he is a student-athlete. He walked onto the football team his freshman year as a punter and redshirted. In the fall of 2013, he won the starting role and hasn’t looked back since.

He was nationally ranked and earned all-conference honors as a redshirt freshman. Now, Austin is a three-year starter and a staple of ACU special teams.

But still there is more when it comes to Austin Kilcullen.

Personal Life

In his spare time from school and sports, Austin is a YoungLife leader at Wylie High School. A few times a week, he meets with high school age students for fellowship and bible study.

Austin spent much of his summer working as a barista at a coffee shop in Nashville. His love for coffee is as well documented as his football accolades.

With his long hair resting on his shoulders, just about everything Austin does is different from the crowd…especially in West Texas. You can find him biking to class in his white Chuck Taylor’s with one hand on a cup of coffee and the other on his handlebars.

All people are different, but Austin Kilcullen is just a little more unique than the rest of us. Whether it is rocking a pair of vans instead of cowboy boots, or jogging from Comm. Law to football practice, Austin is one of those characters that you won’t soon forget.


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