My Internship

This summer I had the pleasure of interning at Big Country Baptist Assembly summer camp. I was a part of the camera crew that made videos for the camp. I met so many people and made new lifelong friends. The experience I had at the summer camp was also very educational.

What I did

My main job as an intern was to video the campers during worship services and camp activities. I would walk around and get the campers in action so we could make recollection videos each day. I made sure to get plenty of quality shots for the editor to choose from so we could make the best possible video. This was a fun job for me and it helped me gain experience for future projects.

What I learned

For me, the biggest thing I learned was how to meet a deadline. All of the camera crew had to get their videos in on time so we could edit the videos and add music to it for the night service. I also learned how to work as a team, and to do a quality job, whether one of my videos was picked or not. All of the campers really enjoyed our videos and that was a cool feeling. I am glad I had the opportunity to intern for this summer camp.



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