My internship with Palisade Produce


Farmer and Owner David Cox with some crew members including myself

           Life is beautiful. Eat a peach. Not only did I see this slogan everyday, but I also believed in it since I was 15. Head of local sales and advertising at Palisade Produce was my job title for the past few months.                                                                                       


      It began with four acers a newly wed couple named David and Jamie Cox that were friends of the family and had me wave a sign on the side of the road as they sold their peaches from a small white van. It quickly turned into 10,000 acers and four peach designed sprinter vans and me as head of local sales advertising.

     The skill I have learned watching and helping this small local business grow is endless but some new challenges I had handed to me this past summer internship taught me were:

  • Hiring and firing employees
  • Dealing with pay checks and timesheets to log hours
  • Getting sales permits from different city halls in CO and UT
  • Promoting our produce through other local businesses
  • Talking to businesses and getting spots to sell our produce
  • Training
  • Designing company shirts
  • Posting on their social media platforms, coming up with contests an tags

The Challenges

           Promoting a small business is hard in itself, but dealing with produce is a whole different challenge because of the limited time you have the fruit being fresh. Thinking on my feet was something I did at least five times a day with problems arising and me having to make the decision to cut prices or sell to different markets.

    My favorite part

            The best part of my job was getting to come up with ideas to promote Palisade Produce as a company. I got to go around meeting other small town business owners and get them to create bar drinks, pies, ice cream and even pizza with our farm fresh fruit to get our name out there. I loved being a part of a community that helped each other advertise and in return we’d sell them our produce whole sell and even get rid of over ripe fruit to be made into these different cuisines.


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