Life as a Worker at 89.5 KACU

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Haley Remenar, Convergence Journalism major, reports news, weather or all other program listing for the day on the radio station. Last September, after an email to the director to see if she could meet and take a look around the radio station, she applied online and got hired the next day. So her first day actually going to the studio to look around like she initially wanted, turned into her first day of training.

Studio Spectacle

Remenar expressed a funny memory with me that occurred one day while working in the production room. She got locked in and no one could hear her banging on the door because the room was sound proof. She texted her boss, who happened to be next door working, to look up and let her out of the locked room.

Remenar’s favorite class in the JMC Department was Media Issues with Doug Mendenhall. Remenar says it impacted her because it was her first ever college course. It was a 8 a.m. and the fact she looked forward to going every time sheds light on the situation. Remenar quotes, “when I would go in I just felt connected talking about what’s happening in the media today.” She realized then she wanted to be the one to make the news happen and make a difference in the world.

Impact on Remenar

An alumnus Remenar met at the Gutenberg dinner really impacted her because he was from Abilene and went on to win an award and own his own company in Nashville, TN. At his company he works with celebrity’s such as Carey Underwood and makes music videos. Remenar indicated how she would really love to do an internship there.

Faith and Works

Remenar talked with me about why she chose journalism and how it ties into her faith as a Christian. “Journalism is asking questions but speaking the truth,” she says, “and that is what faith is. It’s knowing the truth and spreading it.” She can use the skills she learns in the news industry to teach the gospel.


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