Funding for the JMC Production Studio

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Production Studio Funding

I recently sat down with Nathan Gibbs, one of the people involved in fundraising for ACU’s production studio renovations. In our discussion, we talked about why this development is important for the current and future JMC students, why this is a necessary change and how this could positively affect ACU.

Professor Gibbs explained to me why updating this space is important. As a department, we have a TV studio that is impressive in its structure; the production space is even bigger than that of the local TV stations. The production studio has tons of potential, but it is not serving us well because it is missing some fundamental necessities. For example, it is still in standard definition, although it needs to be in high definition.

Nathan Gibbs

“Right now it is very difficult to train students, and talk about really detailed elements in a picture if my monitor and my equipment is not high resolution,” said Gibbs.

The JMC Newscast and the Ken Collums Show are both shot in the production studio, and while the current set up is manageable, with the new renovations production would be much more efficient.

Gibbs said a challenge they have been facing is the Vision In Action Campaign. Strategically speaking, there is more priority for a project like that in comparison to the studio project. They are currently waiting for that to wrap up so they can raise their profile a bit, in terms of fund raising.

The Vision

Gibbs said he wants the students to be able to shoot for commercial clients, like Morris & Mitchell and 99 West do, but that means we need the kind of backdrops that you would need for that sort of thing. “We need green screens, we need cyclorama walls that are curved in the corners, so that you can have this really perfect background,” Said Gibbs.

Not only would this help our students by giving them more commercial experience, it would also benefit ACU by providing them with marketing opportunities. The main goal is to further students’ academic experience.

“The studio still has equipment from the ‘80’s, and that shouldn’t have happened,” Gibbs said. “We are preparing students to be leaders in the industry, and for them to be competitive they need to have advantages they are coming out of college with. We want to be able to provide those advantages to our students.”


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